2012 Developer Survey

September 20, 2012 in Business, Community, Tech

In private discussions with developers this year, many confess to a sense of annoyance or frustration with the technology landscape they have to deal with every day, when building solutions for their employers, customers or clients. Though, with some exceptions, I do not feel like this is what I’m seeing communicated in blog posts and other shared platforms.

Technology is supposed to move forward, and as it does, things are supposed to get better and easier. Ideally, technological progress is intended to improve happiness.

Is this what we’re seeing?

2012 Developer SurveySo I thought it might be instructive to set up a very brief survey (7 multiple choice questions, and three optional open-ended questions), to see if what I’m hearing offline is actually a trend.

The Google-hosted survey is embedded below. If it does not load, or, you’d like to send the survey to someone else, here is the direct survey link.

I sincerely appreciate your time in responding to this survey. The more data I collect, the more meaningful the results will be. I will summarize, and attempt to contextualize these results in a subsequent post.

Thank you,


Results will be covered in a subsequent post